This IPhone based solution is comprised of two mobile APPs and a BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer. Nothing has to be installed on the vehicle.


Before a young driver goes out for the night with friends, their parents start their GUARDRIDE session.  The parental Guardian APP then starts to monitor the kids Driver APP to make sure they take a breathalyzer test with facial recognition every time they get behind the wheel during their session.




If the young driver fails their breathalyzer test, facial recognition test or starts to drive without taking the tests, the Driver APP will alert the parents Guardian APP. GUARDRIDE will also show the parents their kids GPS map location so they can get them home safely.

The Guardian APP’s interface is intuitive and simple to use, allowing parents to easily set-up their kids on the system, schedule sessions and be alerted of any driver test failures.

The Driver APP is also easy to use, making it simple for kids to set up their facial recognition enrollment and take their tests in less than 30 seconds.

The GUARDRIDE system has the same leading edge facial recognition technology software that is used by many of the top fortune 100 companies.

GUARDRIDE has partnered with BACtrack, the leader in breathalyzers, and rated the most accurate consumer breathalyzer brand on the market.


BACtrack Mobile

The award-winning BACtrack Mobile offers police-grade Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology, the same advanced technology trusted by hospitals, clinics and law enforcement. BACtrack Mobile is easy to use; a user simply blows into the breathalyzer, and their BAC results are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth® to the GUARDRIDE app on their smartphone.

Silence is Golden

On a normal night parents won’t receive any alerts

But they can always check their session events screen to see how the night is going.

And they can always watch the sessions breathalyzer test videos to make sure no one is trying to trick the system.