Here is a list of the most frequently asked GUARDRIDE questions and their answers. If you don’t see yours listed, please fill out the form to the right and we will get you your answer right away!

Do I have to install anything on my vehicle?

A: No, all you need is 2 smartphones and a BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer.

Is GUARDRIDE always on while my kid is driving?

A: No, GUARDRIDE is only on when the parent has either scheduled or just started a GUARDRIDE session.  Young drivers will only be required to take their tests when they are in a GUARDRIDE session.  Sessions are usually scheduled for when the kid is driving and going out with their friends for the night.

How does a parent know if their kid has failed their breathalyzer and facial recognition tests or has started to drive without taking them?

A: The kids Driver APP will alert the parents Guardian APP of any breathalyzer test failure. The Guardian APP will also be alerted after the driver has failed the facial recognition test for the 3rd time and be directed to view the breathalyzer test video to verify their identity. The kids Driver APP uses motion sensor technology so it knows when the kid starts driving without taking the tests and will alert the parents Guardian APP.

How long does it take for my kid to perform their breathalyzer with facial recognition test?

A: It takes less than 30 seconds for the young driver to take the GUARDRIDE breathalyzer test with facial recognition.

What type of smartphone works with the GUARDRIDE system?

A: Currently we only support the iPhone iOS platform version 9.2 or greater. The Guardian APP requires a IPhone 5 or newer, while the Driver APP requires an IPhone 5s or newer.  Our goal is to also support Android in the near future.

How many mobile APP’s need to be installed to use GUARDRIDE?

A: The system uses 2 mobile APP’s, the parents Guardian APP which monitors the kids Driver APP. The parents will download the GUARDRIDE Guardian APP from the Apple APP store and the kid will do the same with their GUARDRIDE Driver APP.

What breathalyzer does your system use?

A: GUARDRIDE uses the award-winning BACtrack Mobile from BACtrack, the leader in breathalyzers. This is one of the most accurate units on the market, and offers police-grade Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology for the highest level of accuracy and consistency. BACtrack Mobile is easy to use; a user simply blows into the breathalyzer, and their BAC results are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth® to the GUARDRIDE app on their smartphone. BACtrack Mobile is the only breathalyzer that will work with the GUARDRIDE system.

What if my kid shuts off the APP or their IPhone, how will I know?

A: The kids Driver APP has a heartbeat connection with the GUARDRIDE server and the server is looking for a live connection every 20 minutes during a GUARDRIDE session. If the server doesn’t see that connection then an alert is sent to the parents Guardian APP so they can take action to have their kid get their IPhone to start communicating with the GUARDRIDE server again.

What if my kid has someone else take their breathalyzer test for them before they drive?

A: The facial recognition software will fail if someone else attempts to take the tests besides the enrolled kid. As an extra precaution, each time the young driver takes their breathalyzer test a selfie video is produced of them taking the test. Parents can immediately review the video taken during their kids breathalyzer test to make sure they aren’t trying to trick the system.

What happens if the facial recognition fails?

A: The facial recognition we use is one of the most accurate on the market, but if it does fail to recognize the kid driver, then here is what happens. The kid will be allowed to take the breathalyzer with facial recognition test 3 times. After the 3rd time the parents Guardian APP is notified of the facial recognition failures and is directed to view the kids video selfie taken during the test. After the test, parents can immediately review the video to verify that their kid is the one taking the breathalyzer test.


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